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Listing Began: March 3, 2018
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As stated, I would like to sell my setup that I barely used. I literally flied it a half a dozen times at BEST. I just don't need it for the intent that I wanted it, and would like to pass it along to someone who would actually use it. It comes with a backpack, 1 SOLO drone, 1 Controller, 1 set of factory SOLO Antennas, 2 opened but again BARELY used batteries, 1 set of props, 1 set of Alfa antennas 1 gimbal attached to the drone from the factory, 1 EXTRA gimbal that is factory new in box, but I did open it when I got it to inspect it. It's never been outside of it's original container, I just checked to see that it was in fact there. All chargers for SOLO and controller, Original factory box, all the little tools and parts that go with the gimbal such as weights etc. I feel like I'm missing something, but you can pretty much see it all in the photos and I can get you anything else you may need. The only thing "wrong" with anything in this setup was that the foam top with the SOLO logo that goes over the drone (that I took out and used as a landing/takeoff site was sitting out in my yard one afternoon, and the sprinklers came on after I was in flight. Nothing electronic was touched, but the foam piece got a bit wet and the cardboard that backs it was a little bit wrinkled afterward. I showed you in the photo, but just want to be very upfront and fair. I'm mainly looking for cash right now, and cash talks. $575 OBO I won't take a penny less than $500 so please don't ask.