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MAKE HONEST OFFER!! For the Camera collector! Thou technically only 35/40 years old I feel there is someone out there who would love to own this classic. Classic Camera Buff? Fun mini camera to own for a great price :-) Film readily available: Details: The Pentax Auto 110 is a classic and durable SLR camera with interchangeable lens, suitable for a wide range of cameras. 5 lenses: 20-40mm zoom, 70 mm, several smaller, 1.7 x tele converter, additional camera body, auto wind, flash, cover, various other accessories, and an aluminum carry case. Really a pretty complete set. This Pentax film camera has a pentaprism viewfinder with split screen focus area that allows you to capture better imagery. A shutter speed of 1 s to 1/750 s allows you to capture bright and clear photographs on this SLR camera. Asahi Pentax Auto 110 Super Introduced in late 1985, the Super was identical in basic shape and size to the previous model and accepted the same lenses. Many improvements and changes were included to make this model arguably a better camera than the previous Auto 110. Film winding was improved with a single-stroke film advance lever that advanced the film and cocked the shutter in one winding (the Auto 110 took two strokes to advance the film). A switch around the shutter release button enabled a new ten-second self-timer mode and a shutter lock; the self-timer activated a red light on the pentaprism housing, which flashed during the 10-second shutter release count-down. A button on the front on the user's left hand side gave a +1.5 EV (exposure value) backlit scene exposure compensation. More subtle changes include a revised top shutter speed of 1/3000 s.[citation needed] The optional winder offered an improved battery cover, a well-known weak component in the Auto 110. The shutter button is protected from accidental tripping by an altered casing around the button. The flash synchronization socket cover on the Super was permanently attached to the camera in an attempt to prevent loss, though many still go missing when the plastic tether breaks. The viewfinder screen has a split image rangefinder center, surrounded by a microprism collar, whereas the Auto 110 had the split image rangefinder center only. The low light warning activates at 1/800 s (the Auto 110 activates at 1/30 s). Cash only, trades not wanted not accepted, must take possession if the item in person, my availability is from 9-2 morn and 7:45-8:30 eves m-th and some Sat and Sun texting is by far my most preferred method of communication.