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Listing Began: August 22, 2017
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This really is my baby. Not super interested in selling, but putting her out there. 
Super clean, CMP - all springfield hardware. Never had a misfire. 100yrds gong is as easy as breathing. 
Classic leather sling, US carry bag. The only thing I changed was the gas plug, she has the M1 Garand Gear Ported gas plug, so you can shoot ANY 30.06 in her. I got my deer last year with her with softpoint. Had about 200rds through her. 

Ammo. 250rds.
144 rds of M2 Ball ammo (from CMP). 
57 softpoint hunting rounds.
49 rds of old stuff in a box (free, with purchase).

Also have a sack of once fired brass, bandoleers (not pictured) and lots of empty clips, ammo can which right now, is stacked full.

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