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A dog gone love story!

In our home, we have a princess.  Her name is Sparkles.  She is a pretty tiny little chihuahua (we say it Chi-hoo-hoo even though this is wrong).  She is blonde, almost white and she is pampered beyond belief.  She tolerates the two child slaves that live with her and their mother, because they are necessary.  It helps that they have warm laps and are easy to snuggle with at night.

Next door, we have the dashing and handsome royal prince, Sammie.  Sammie is a playfully sweet chiweenie and blonde of hair as well.  He never says a cross word to anyone, he loves his mom and his siblings without reservation.  He is long of body and big of heart.  

In the middle of the summer, it was clear to the people who loved Sparkles and Sammie that romance was brewing!  So they decided to create a little family from these two gorgeous blonde creatures.  So after some visits, Sammie and Sparkles did what was natural to them and created a family.  

Almost two months later into this world, came a beautiful blonde girl and then her blonde brother.  They have been cherished and loved from the moment they have arrived.  Their mom is protective and wonderful.

Sammie though, poor Sammie, the evil witch doctor has made it impossible for him to ever know romance in the family sense again!  So he has decided (much like many male dogs do) that he wants nothing to do with these puppies of his.  However, please don’t despair!  There is a good news to this tale of woe.  It does not end with sadness that their father is disinterested in their existence!  

These little sweet hearts will be ready for their new homes right at Christmas time!!  So if you know someone who has tons of love in their hearts to shower upon a sweet puppy lay one away now!  (There are only two after all!!)  Their rehoming fee is $300.  An initial payment of $100 will ensure that a puppy is yours just in time for Christmas.  At 6 weeks old they will have their first puppy shots (poor babies).  Please feel free to email with any questions you might have.
The lighter one is the boy and the darker one is the girl