BOND ARMS Roughneck Derringer 45 Auto 2.5"  - $279.50 USD Listing ID: 100069

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‘Ole Bruce is a friend who’s 6’ 7” & 295.  By his own admission, he never had time for football because he spent too much time tinkering w/AKs & ARs.  So when Bruce came by for a concealable (or as he put-it: ‘a ‘lil cannon’), I showed him the popular Sig 365, Glock 48, & a Shield 9.
Bruce appeared insulted— and just about slapped-me-silly.
“Now Dave, I don’t want no half-a _ _ poly peni _ , I want STEEL; I want weight; I want knock-down; and I want it to look Bad-Ass.”
I caught the hint.
See Bruce’s needs for a concealable were not subject to cultural mainstream values of light, thin, inside-the-waist, & 9mm.
When I pulled that BOND ARMS Roughneck off the lower shelf, it peaked his curiosity.  When he noted it was .45 Auto, he held it, pocketed-it, and then mused over his beard in its shiny finish. After a New York minute, he mumbled crystal clear…

“H*** yeah”

And to this day, Bruce’s back jean pockets have two outline marks: one from his can of Copenhagen--  and the other from his Bond Arms Derringer.
So whatever our choice in carry, there are some of us who have a little bit of “Bruce” in us.  Call it what you want, but its those moments when poly must bow to what’s most essential in that moment— “Steel, weight, knock-down, and ‘Bad Ass’”— and if for nothing else, because it feels perfectly bad-ass to do so.

Bond Arms, Roughneck Derringer, 45ACP, 2.5" Barrel, Steel Frame, Stainless Finish, Rubber Grips, Fixed Sights, 2Rd, Trigger Guard

279.50.  Brand new, cash price listed, no trades please.

*** Order in a barrel (or two) of additional caliber(s) of your choice! ~ 150.00 each!  Install alternate barrel(s) in minutes.  Call/Text for availability.

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