EAA Bounty Hunter .357 SS & 22/22M SS 8rd  - $455 USD Listing ID: 56386

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A century ago, an unknown BOUNTY HUNTER merged w/my family linage. I found this out May of ’93 during a trip to Virginia to research family roots.  Kind-of fun piecing together history.  We poured over County docs & the clerk sent us to an old cemetery— not too far from Hurricane, VA.  In that overgrown null lay a large family of nine children, side-by-side, all distant kin.  #4 tombstone stated he lived 19 years. Curious, I browsed the County Records on #4: “Robbed bank. Retrieved by Bounty. Died by Hanging’”

I just had to chuckle— reminded me of the ‘ole Robert Fuller song:  “I fought the law and the law won.” 

So whenever I see these EAA Bounty Hunter revolvers, I think of that distant relative.  I often wonder what was going through his mind the moment he robbed Wells Fargo; the moment he fled the County; and that moment he was staring down that Bounty Hunter’s revolver.  Wouldn’t it be cool if we had more to the story? 

I think what we all like about these SA revolvers is that they relic the spirit of the ‘ole west.  When we shoot these vintage babies, we’re reminded of a time in America when “a speedy trial” was exactly what you got.  Break the law?  Well it’s time to pay— and today is as good as any— from a revolver.
I have the Bounty Hunter in .357 blued or stainless.  And then I have the rarer 22/22M in a stainless!

Finer Details: 4.5”, Single-Action, 39oz, All Steel frame, Walnut grips, cleaning brush, stainless (or blued finish), simple case.

* 357/38:  455.00 Stainless / 406.85. Blued SOLD.  Brand new/cash price listed. (2% Visa/Debie). No trades please.
* 22/22Mag:  375.00 Stainless 6" (Pictures 7 & 8)

David (iGuns) 208-318-6272.  fullondave@gmail.com