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On certain things in life, we don't want to be minimal, economical, or particularly practical.  Why?  Because in those moments, we want it big... and we want it all.  None of this 'think about it', pros vs cons, or budget consideration, there's times when we just want folks to hush up and let us do our thing--- regardless of aftermath.  Idahoans are big-boys.  And whether its the most expensive Rib-Eye steak on the menu, the largest Butterfinger Blizzard at DQ, or that new Monster stainless revolver, there's times in life where goin' BIG is EXACTLY what we need to do.  So just stay our of our way... and watch us move.
That's why we can count on Smith & Wesson.  Some fine fellow there in Research & Development knows there's folks like us--- and moments like these in Life--- when we need to step up to the plate and knock it out-of-the park.  Simply put, its time to 'ante-up'.  Its time to super-size our next revolver.
And hey, we're not talkin' 6 rounds, we're talkin' 7.  And 'ole Pops has been sayin' for years to lose the generic grips & go engraved hardwood. And if its show-and-tell around the campfire this summer, well then we're going to have to go full-on stainless, right?  Finally, we all know that if Clint Eastwood were watching, we're definetly not going 4" barrel either.  It'll have to be 6"-- thank you very much.
That's right, its time.  Its time to go all-in folks.  The S&W 686 Plus Deluxe!

Smith & Wesson, 686 Plus, Deluxe, Revolver, Double Action, Large Frame Revolver, 357 Mag, 6" Barrel, Stainless Finish, Wood Grips, 7Rd, Adjustable Sights

745.00. Brand new/cash price listed. (1% Visa). No trades please.  And for even more guns, see iguns.pro

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