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Now I love 1911s, hunting w/my 41mag, & shooting BIG caliber hand-cannons.  Always have; always will.  But every since I've been a boy, I've LOVED small caliber .32s & 380s.  Every time I tuck one in my pocket, my hat, the dash of the F150, my fishing creel, or my mountain bike seat pack--- a little sly grin overtakes me.  32s & 380s make me happy.  Why?  I dunno...
So CHECK OUT our new line of BARGAIN .32s & .380s made by Jimenez--- a small company family owned by Paul & Jain Jemenez.  And for those of you looking at that "J" in the model #, you're partially onto something--- these are somewhat related to the original Jennings two decades ago--- but re-bought, and now moved to Nevada--- w/GREATLY IMPROVED safety, quality, & trigger.
And when you chat w/Jain on the phone, her pride is evident:  "I'm proud to have my last name on every one of our pistols."
Oh, and the new Cerakote Satin Aluminums have arrived for just a little more than the Black ones!  Check out these bargain prices for a MADE IN THE USA (i.e, Nevada) .22, .32, .380, or 9mm.  And yes, for the price--- these are quality pistols MADE IN THE USA!

* JA-NINE (Graphite Black).195.00
* JA 22 Graphite Black and Midnight Bronze 133.50
* JA 32 (black) - 123.45
* JA 380 (Stainless frame/black grips) - 133.50
* JA 380 (Black frame/SS slide) - 133.50
* JA 380 (Cobalt Blue) - 133.50
* JA 380 (Midnight Bronze) 133.50
* JA 380 (Burnt Bronze or FDE) - 133.50
* JA/LC380 Cerakote Satin - 191.45  *** full-sized frame, extremely low recoil!  Perfect for newbie.

How's that for a bargain?  And yes, each Jemenez comes w/a nice box, limited lifetime warrenty, & an extra mag included!
$123.45 or 191.45 for the Cerakote Satin .380 or 9mm.  Brand new/cash price listed. (1% Visa). No trades please. 

Please call/text with questions or make an appointment to check it out. 208-318-6272. Summertime: If delayed response, I'm in the mountains and will return shortly. And our 2018 Special: Free box of 22 ammo w/ANY firearm purchase. And yes, we teach Idaho Basic/Enhanced CCL classes. See iGuns.pro for more!
And don't forget that buying from iGuns feels good. A portion of EVERY PURCHASE helps orphaned children & at-risk women & children Worldwide discover HOPE. Purchasing iGuns products supports our charity, HopeChest, help others who are trapped. We feel GOOD about that. We think a LOT of you do too.
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