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Part of the Obama Gun hysteria was the proliferation of junk AR's, where if it looks like a duck and talks like a duck; then it must be a duck. Now we have the unintended consequence of uninformed buyers under the impression that $500 level of reliability will save their life if necessary. If you are one of the few that understands the difference between relying on Junk or a combination of a High Quality Firearm and the ability to EDC a carbine, then this firearm may be for you

This for a Daniel Defense Takedown, M4, Covert Briefcase Carbine that allows you to EDC transport an AR Carbine in a Business Briefcase in your travels, without a second glance, pretty much everywhere you go, should an event unfold that necessitates needing one with you, versus it being locked up in your safe at home (This is the only setup that will fit an AR Carbine inside of a Standard 17" wide Business Briefcase and still be operable, as opposed to any of the various 'Low-Profile' Rifle Cases that attract attention just carrying them from your house to your car and are best employed for taking a firearm to the range. For a glimpse into the future of just how restrictive transporting an AR can be, just look at Kalifornia, NJ, Mass, Illinois, Hawaii etc, much less should the need arise in your day to day life to need a long gun due to an unforeseen sequence of events

This is a Factory built Daniel Defense M4, not a 'Name Brand Upper' with an 'Off Brand Lower' and a compilation of components with stacked tolerances from the Land of Make Believe :) 

It is housed in a Locking Samsonite Briefcase with Three, 30 round Magpul magazines and is fitted with a Burris 332 3x 5.56 BDC Prismatic Sight. The benefit to the Burris is that while it does offer illumination, it has an engraved reticle that is not dependent on batteries

Sound Suppressor users can stow their suppressor inside of the Free-Float forend in the briefcase as well.

Includes an extra Barrel Lock Ring, if you want to setup an additional caliber in the AR15 platform as in: .300 Blackout, etc with another barrel

Deployment time is under 30 seconds from the time that you open the briefcase to the first round downrange. To view a video on it, go to:

There are Two Price Options for this Package $1,800 with everything included, or for $1,500 without the Burris Optic for someone that either already has their own optic, or prefers a different one (Eotech, Aimpoint, etc)

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