H&R New England Pump 12GA & 20GA Shot Guns  - $199.25 USD Listing ID: 48619

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Listing Began: December 2, 2018
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Harrington & Richardson has been making shot guns since 1871.  They are now reorganized under New England Firearms as a proud subsidary of the Freedom Group (who Remington & Marlin are part of) specializing in value-based shotguns.  One of my shotguns is an H&R.  My kids & I love it, shot it last weekend north of Crouch, and it has never failed me.

So these New England pumps are a great value for various applications.  For some, its their first shot gun to see if they like duck hunting.  For many, its their 3rd or 4th shot gun that's handy to lend to the future brother-in-law who's in town-- or the neighbor who wants to get his first goose.  It can also serve as a back-up RV closet gun or tucked away in the boat house up at the lake.  Whatever the need, the H&R New England is SOLID 7.5lbs of economical protection for when you might need her.  Synthetic stock, standard blued finish.  Go 28" for hunting & overal protection.  Go 18.5" if you want to focus more on Home Protection.  At this price, pick one up for your mother-in-law too--- as a gesture of your lifelong appreciation.

* 12GA  12/3/28"  Field (SYN) 
* 12GA  12/3/18.5" Home Defense (SYN)
* 20GA  20/3/26"  Field (SYN) 
* 20GA  20/3/21"    Home Defense (SYN) 

199.25 for ANY ABOVE option

***215.25 for the 12GA 12/3/28" Field (WOOD) 

Brand new/cash price listed. (Add 1% Visa/Debit). No trades please.

Please call/text with questions or to make an appointment to check it out.  208-318-6272.  And yes, we teach Idaho Basic & Enhanced CCL classes.  See www.iGuns.pro for more info.

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