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Goldendoodle Stud  - $500 Listing ID: 112174

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Seller's Comments and Description:

This is Bubba Moose. He is a 78 pound F1B goldendoodle. Moose is CKC Registered and Embark tested with no health issues. Both of his parents are also Embark tested and also live in the home. Mom and dad are pictured on the couch together. Dad is a Tri color phantom AKC party poodle and mom is an F1B goldendoodle. Bubba Moose is a smart and happy go lucky, healthy, and very smart 16 month old boy. Moose and his dad share a rare trait, they both have what is called Human eyes. This trait is something that definitely gets them anything they want when they look at me just right. Moose also carries a big variety of colors, Black, White, Red, Blond and Phantom. I am having him neutered in about 8mos, but wanted to hopefully share his bloodline due to his variety of colors, human eyes, and his large build. Moose was exceptionally smart and unique from birth. Being the runt at 3.1oz, he quickly surpassed the rest of the litter within the first week. Moose is a gentle giant with a very childlike kindness that I would love to see passed on to a new generation. He is non shedding and hypoallergenic. So if you have a goldendoodle little girl you are looking to breed, than I would give Moose consideration. My name is Kelly and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you