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Royal Standard Poodle Stud - Proven Large Litters  - $700 Listing ID: 115165

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Maurice, our handsome boy

  • Maurice, our handsome boy
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  • Precious puppies examples


Seller's Comments and Description:

Maurice is a handsome 'royal' poodle, meaning he is in the range of the tallest of the standard poodle breed, weighing 72 lbs. Not only is he registered with the AKC, but his health has been cleared through Embark and his hips have been evaluated by the Pennhip Association, so he is great for studding. He's also proven, recent litters having 12 pups, 10 pups and 9 pups. Payment arrangements possible with Klarna. He has a happy and sweet disposition and gets right to business. We’re looking forward to helping you.