50 Cal BA50, 1200 rounds, Leupold MK IV, AAC Cyclo  - $8,100 Listing ID: 15439

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The biggest baddest most powerful and accurate rifle available to civilians. 50 BMG Bushmaster BA50 rifle with 2x10 round magazines, Lockable case with wheels, Walther Lothar Match grade grade barrel, Leopold Mark 4 LR 8.5x25x50mm lifetime guaranteed scope, WWII machine gun/50 cal adjustable tripod with custom mount, & about 1200 rounds of 50BMG ammo (many armor piercing rounds). I also have an AAC Cyclops 50 cal suppressor with muzzle brake mount. This suppressor was designed specifically for the BA50 rifle. It reduces sound to safe hearing levels without protection, reduces felt recoil to that of a 12 gauge shot gun, and visible flash signature to a minimum. Less than 25 rounds through the gun. BA50 sells for $5,700; Leupold Mark 4 Long Range 8.5x25x50mm sells for$1,600; 50 BMG rounds are $4/round x1200= $4,800; this tripod system is over $1,000 on gunbroker; the AAC Cyclops suppressor is $2,600 and the Cyclops muzzle brake mount is $400. Do the math, but my 50 Cal setup cost $16,100. I want $8,100 without the suppressor or $10,000 with. Do the research on this setup and you won't be disappointed. Barrett 50 cal don't be jealous. My cell phone is 208-440-1115.