Remington 700 5r Milspec .308 and 9 boxes of ammo  - $1,800 Listing ID: 28350

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Remington 700 5r Milspec .308 with a McRees Precision R7ST - G5 chassis. This rifle has a 22' barrel and is very accurate. Less than 100 rounds have been fired through it, so there's lots of life left. Included are also a Weaver 20moa rail and matched Vortex 30mm rings. The McRees Precision chassis has a folding stock and is fully adjustable. Included are 2 magazines (5 and 10 round). Ammunition included are 9.5 boxes of Federal Premium Match Grade 168gr BTHP and 8.5 of the boxes are the same lot of ammo. There is also 66 rounds of once fired brass. NO TRADES! Remington 700 Milspec 5R rifle first introduced as a limited edition rifle around the turn of the 21st century, and every since it has been of keen interest to shooters. The ability to have a rifle with the same barrel as the M24 SWS used by the US Army at a fraction of the $6000 price of the M24 is a big drawing point. When the US Army requested samples for a sniper rifle back in the late eighties to replace the M-21, they set some specifications previously unobtainable for the M-24 SWS. One of which was the 5-Radial barrel. To accomplish this, Remington Arms contracted with Boots Obermeyer, famed High-Power competitor and barrel maker. Remington was able to produce the needed barrels with the distinctive Obermeyer 5-R rifling pattern, in-house. Remington hammer forges the barrels with 416R stainless steel, 24" long, 1.2" at breech to .9" at muzzle. The special rifling is angled at 110 degrees, with 5 grooves, right-hand twist of 1" in 11.2". Many advantages exist with this rifling: less bullet deformation, more even pressure curve, reduced fouling, more accurate lifespan, and higher bullet velocities.