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I am looking for the following items that were stolen from my wife before she passed away a couple of months ago. These items have a lot of sentimental value and I would like them back. Others obviously have a high monetary value and I would also like them back also. I am willing to pay a finders fee for any of the items that you can possibly help me recover. The Wedding ring is a platinum band with 4 cts. of smaller diamonds and a 3.15 (+/-) yellow princess cut stone in the middle. The Large blue stone ring is a silver ring with a small amount of gold and a synthetic stone in the middle. It was purchased in Greece while on our honeymoon. It is not worth very much money but is very important to me and our daughter. The watch is also not worth a lot of money but we had purchased these at a local auction because they were a matched set and these are also very important to me and our daughter. The silver bullion are 1 oz bars have and American flag on them and there are 20 of them. The large bullion has a lady with a shell and coins coming out of it (I forget the manufacturer). The gold bullion is had two 2016 Liberty proof sets with 4 coins in each case. The bullion coins included 6 or 7 liberty coins and one Kruggerrand. There was also a small silver jewelry box with some engraving and a child's silver bracelet and earrings stolen. There was also a 14k white gold ring with 38 small diamonds and a center stone of 2.95 ct apatite. There was also an Apple Macbook pro 13"serial number FVFXLAG3HV27 Thank you for looking and if you have any information it will be kept confidential.