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AR500 Level III+ Lightweight Armor 6x8 Plates Sold in pairs Hard Side Plates are there for you when you’re exposed on multiple sides and need the higher coverage: Made for any standard cummerbund side plate pockets, this steel armor provides rifle-rated multi-hit protection while being thinner than ceramic and polyethylene. This makes for a reliable low-profile option for rifle protection on all sides. Side plates are a useful addition to your setup whenever you’re expecting to be exposed on more than your front or back, such as in entry or defensive standpoints. Non-squared-off shooting positions, such as in hallways or in vehicles, also make side plates a highly valuable asset. AR500 Armor’s Hard Side Plates are compatible with most plate carriers that include cummerbund mounted side plate pouches. It comes standard with a curved profile and a base coat of FragLock® configuration- this base coat protects the plate from the elements and gives it a 20-year shelf-life, and deflects fragmentation away from the wearer. An upgrade is available to give the plate a Build-Up FragLock® Coat, which captures the fragmentation completely instead of deflecting it away. Will stop 5.56mm M193 ammo at 3,100 FPS. When used with our Adaptive Plate Insert in conjunction with soft armor, our 6"x8" plates can be also used as a rifle-rated trauma/speed plate, offering enhanced protection for your heart. Serious Inquiries Only, No Trades At This Time Please. All Prices Are Listed At Lowest.