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Decker terrier puppies available. This breed is extremely intelligent, easy to train, loyal and the perfect canine companion. They benefit farms, ranches and stables in being the on duty rodent control as they are a cross of Basenji (African Hunting Dog) and Rat Terrier. They are elite hunters with a good nose and strong prey drive. They are also incredibly athletic and can handle long distances and tough terrain. In addition, Deckers shed hunt and track wounded game. They have an on off switch. Can be alert and active all day and then loving lap dog as well. Deckers tend to be silent and only alert when necessary (usually with a distinct Basenji yodel) They grow to be 30-35 pounds, with a short, clean coat. They are easy house dogs as well. They love their family which can include no only people but practically any animal or bird, if raised with them from a young age. Includes first shots, docked tails, NRTR papers and breeding rights. Please contact Christine for more info. Text 208-907-2781