ZIDAHO DOES NOT AND CANNOT HAVE ANY INFLUENCE OR GIVE DIRECTION ON ITEM PRICING. THAT IS LEFT TO THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE SELLER. Some ad categories are a paid listing and some are free. There are advertising upgrades that greatly enhance your ad with us.   Please review these upgrades and feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have. :

NOTE: NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU PLACE AN AD THAT DOES NOT FOLLOW ZIDAHO.COM ADVERTISING GUIDELINES. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The Best way to reach us is by email at:; Phone hours are very limited: (208) 724-5860 


NOTE:  In the Firearms and Ammunition categories you are limited to ONE FIREARM or ONE CALIBER OF AMMUNITION per ad and photos in the listing will be only of that one item.  ONCE AN AD IS PLACED YOU MAY NOT SWITCH THAT AD OUT FOR ANOTHER ITEM IN THE SAME AD. YOU MUST PLACE A NEW AD.  

FIREARMS CATEGORIES: All Firearms sub categories are $3.95 per ad and includes up to 8 photos and will run for 60 days. You can place any firearms ad in the main firearms category but the cost is $10 per ad. Firearms featured ad upgrade = $10. ONLY 1 ITEM or AMMO CALIBER per ad. Package deals are allowed on similar items and accessories and only in the accessories and parts category. If you break out the pricing of individual items in the description section, your ad will be declined.

FIREARMS SERVICES ADS:  $25. 1st month $10 to renew.  

DEALERS:  There are several plans available .  Please call for pricing.

RVs, BOATs, ATVs, MOTORCYCLEs, Entire Category = $3 

PET ADS:  Stud Services = $20, Dogs = $20, Cats = $5, Birds = $3, Reptiles = $3, Pet Services = $20, All Others, Accessories = Free  for  60 days.  Includes up to 8 photos and weblink. One litter or service per ad. does not accept ads from out of area pet sellers, online retailers or breeders that ship pets. If you are in these categories and place an ad, your ad and account will be deleted and no refund will be issued.  

REAL ESTATE:   $25. for 30 day listing  Includes 40 photos.      (Call us for special agent packages)

EMPLOYMENT ADS:   $25 for 30 days - $10 to renew  (Multiple ad plans available at reduced rates)

BUSINESS DIRECTORY LISTINGS:   $10 for 60 days.  Includes up to 8 photos and web link.

SERVICES LISTING in Classifieds sections:   $10 for 60 Days (ie: boat repair, motorcycle classes repair, etc.)

Car Dealers and RV Dealers: There are Dealer Plans available in both Vehicle and RV Categories.  Please call us for available dealer pricing (208) 724-5860 (M-F 8AM - 5PM MST).

Businesses may place ads but there is a charge.  (This would apply to anyone selling items, or products on a regular basis for profit) 
(If your ad is in Dogs, Pets, Firearms or other category listed above  where there is category pricing, these subscription rates do not apply)
Individual ads for businesses in categories other than Rentals :   $3.50 each  for 30 days
Individual ads for businesses in Rentals:  $5.00 each for 30 days.
Subscriptions for businesses:     Up to 5 ads at one time  $15. per month
                                                Up to 10 ads at one time  $25. per month

Please contact us by email to set up a plan.  You can email us at  

Advertising Policies and Guidelines: will not accept advertising with the following content:

Advertising competing services to Advertising other websites/services within uploaded pictures or text content
Drugs, Medications or Alcohol of any kind
Content that infringes upon others trademarks or copyrights
Deceptive, false or misleading claims
Dating Services or any type of adult content or services
Illegal Products or Services
Investing/Financial Advising ads


Basic  Ads:  Most Private party ads are free


 Call us and we will set you up Phone (208) 724-5860 (M-F 8AM - 5PM MST)

Classified Listing Prices

$2.00 each  (4 Free except in vehicles 8 photos free)

Category Specific Pricing