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.40 S&W (180gr) Winchester Ranger T Series

700 rounds of .40 S&W (180gr) Winchester Ranger T Series. Great for defense or hunting. The same ammo used by law enforcement for decades. ($35/box...

Star $400
45 ammo - Winchester Ranger T-Series 230 gr

500 rounds of .45 Winchester Ranger T-Series (230gr) Law Enforcement Ammo. Great for defense and hunting applications.

Star $360
.40 S&W ammo

9 boxes of Freedom Munition 180gr RFNP Reman 1 box of Winchester white box 180 gr FMJ 1 box of Freedom Munition 165gr RNFP Reman 550 total...

Star $160
Glock 17 - Gen 5

WTS Glock 17 - Gen 5 w (3) factory magazines Round count around 500 Comes with factory case

Star $480